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Substance abuse is an illness that has forever been plaguing the lives of people around the world. Today however there is a new outlook on substance abuse and it is finally being recognized as the illness that it is. Drug Treatment Centers New London has developed a substance abuse treatment program that addresses the key factors needed for a full lasting recovery. Due to the fact that abusing substances can easily transition to an addiction it is important to seek treatment when you recognize that drug abuse has begun to deteriorate quality of life. Drug Treatment Centers New London helps individuals create a healthy lifestyle and develop strong methods of avoiding substance abuse in the future. By admitting and recognizing that your drug use has escalated to substance abuse you prove that you are ready for recovery. With effective treatment methods that include medical detox, counseling, relapse prevention and management Drug Rehab Treatment Centers New London is dedicated to helping those who want achieve abstinence. Call (860) 207-8356.

Common substances of abuse include:

Percocet – a pain reliever in the opioid drug class that considered a schedule II controlled substance. This is because people often begin abusing this drug and move on the other more addictive and powerful drugs such as OxyContin. Percocet is highly addictive as it blocks pain receptors and induces feelings of relaxation however it is also dangerous in combination with other drugs and alcohol. If you begin to use Percocet more than it is prescribed or if you are taking the medication without a prescription it is considered abuse.

Heroin – an illegal substance that has claimed the lives of way too many through unintentional overdoses and addiction. Heroin is an opiate that is injected most of the time but can also be snorted. Heroin is extremely addictive and any use of it is considered abuse.

According to scientific research that has been conducted since the 1970’s proper treatment can effectively help those suffering from drug abuse and addiction stop using, avoid relapse, and regain power over their drug of abuse. New London Drug Abuse Rehab follows the criteria of a successful treatment program by making available all programs that can best help patients recover. The effective treatment methods and virtues provided by New London Drug Rehabilitation include:

  • A wide variety of holistic treatments both alternative and traditional – Yoga, Meditation, Smart Recovery, Equine Therapy, Bio Feedback, one on one counseling, group therapy, and more
  • Therapy with a trained counselor who can help patients to uncover what fueled drug abuse and with cognitive and behavioral health replace those coping methods with healthy ones
  • Thorough evaluations allow clinicians and doctors to determine if a mental illness is present in a patient. Patients often have mental illness that are undetected and that can be the reason for their drug abuse.
  • Structured schedules and routines that can be applied after treatment. This includes job preparation, sober living housings, and hobbies that take time and create stability in a person’s life
  • Aftercare planning- continued counseling, finding a place that promotes sobriety and setting up a plan to go to meetings and manage recovery into the future

Substance abuse cannot be controlled until people in general and children and young adults in particular, are educated about the harmful effects of drug abuse. Awareness of the signs and symptoms of prescription abuse can help to stop or minimize the accompanying problems of full blown drug addiction.

Signs of Substance Abuse

  • Behavioral Changes – Unpredictable mood and energy shifts, social withdrawal from normal family interactions, friendships and events are strong indicators that an individual may already be in addiction.
  • Disregard for Responsibility – A developing pattern of missing work or school and noticeable neglect of important fiscal responsivities point to drug dependency. Also watch out for irresponsibility when it comes to hygiene in both appearance and environment.
  • Preoccupation with Prescription Medication – When time spent in filling or increasing prescription medication becomes noticeably obsessive; it is time to address the issue. If prescription medication goes missing with no explanation it could mean there is a drug abuser, other than the patient in the home.
  • Cravings – Prescription abuse is most likely occurring if the desire for a medically prescribed drug continues even after the medical condition has improved. Be aware that a symptom of drug addiction is a “persistent need” for the drug. It can be evidenced by irritability with the physician who has stopped prescribing the medication. The addiction may also instigate the search for a new doctor in order to satisfy the cravings caused by the drug addiction.
  • Secrecy and Defensiveness – Once someone becomes addicted to a drug they may become secretive and defensive if they feel the ability to continue their drug use is being threatened. Don’t be surprised if displays of anger or other irrational behavior surface from simple questions or requests. Even an offer of help for addiction may be rebuffed. 

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