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Addiction is a serious brain disease that often requires supervised treatment in a drug addiction rehab facility. People can be addicted to alcohol, illicit drugs like cocaine and heroin or prescription drugs like Vicodin and Xanax. While treatment plans may vary based on the specific drug of abuse, rehabilitation is often best achieved in a treatment facility like Drug Rehab Treatment Centers New London. Call us at (860) 207-8356 to get the help you need.

New London Drug Treatment Centers offers numerous options for substance abuse and addiction rehabilitation. Our inpatient program allows patients to have a safe and supportive environment where they can medical detox and receive therapy during a 6 week period. Each patient resides in the facility for this period of time.

Our outpatient program is designed for those who have responsibilities at work, home or school they cannot abandon. It is also a helpful treatment option for patients who have already completed an inpatient programs and want or need additional support and therapy. With outpatient care, each patient attends regular weekly meetings and follows up sessions with a therapist to assess their progress.

Inpatient care in drug addiction rehab is always the better option because it provides a safe, controlled environment away from temptations, and allows patients to really focus on their recovery. Inpatient drug addiction rehab program benefit the following:

  • Those with a long history of abuse and addiction
  • Anyone who is addicted to multiple substances, including drugs and alcohol or two separate drugs
  • Anyone who has a second diagnosis, such as a mental illness
  • Those who lack support at home or who have family members who are also abusers or addicts or enablers

Recognizing When Help is Necessary

Addiction is both mental and physical. Physical dependence on the drug leads to an incessant and obsessive need for the drug. It manifests as withdrawal symptoms, which can be painful and uncomfortable when the drug is not present in the body. The addict’s tolerance increases, requiring a higher dosage or frequency to experience the same effects. The need for the drug consumes the person so entirely, that he or she will neglect other responsibilities and even relationships that were once important. The addict may also become isolated as the drug takes over his or her life.

Types of Treatment

Regardless of the type of addiction, the basic method of treatment remains the same. The person must stop abusing the addictive substance and recognize the negative behaviors that were exhibited during the addiction. He or she must work through the issues and replace the addiction with positive actions. With the right program in place, recovery for addiction is possible.

The first step in the recovery program at New London Drug and Alcohol Rehab Centers is detoxification. This process cleanses the person’s system from the drug. During this time, the patient may suffer from painful, uncomfortable, and in some cases, severe withdrawal symptoms. During medical detox, our highly trained and experiences medical staff monitors and controls every aspect of the process. They are available around the clock to tend to the needs of patients, including administering medications to ease or manage symptoms and provide emergency medical care if necessary.

After detox, behavioral treatment and therapy is the next step. This process helps the person learn how to develop new behaviors and avoid falling back into old patterns. Therapists help the addict understand what caused the addiction and assist in dealing with other issues such as underlying mental health disorders. Therapy is performed in groups and on an individual basis, and relapse prevention education teaches patients and their families how to identify triggers and avoid them.

If you or a loved one is suffering with drug addiction, New London Drug and Alcohol Treatment Centers can help. Call Drug Rehab Treatment Centers New London today at (860) 207-8356 and speak to an addiction specialist who can guide you and provide you with all the information you need.


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