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Drug Treatment Centers New London (860) 207-8356

Taking that first step towards recovery can feel like diving into murky waters. Drug treatment centers are typically not high on the list of things to do, even for a long term substance abuser. However, when addiction begins to wreak havoc on finances, relationships and threatens life, entering a drug treatment center is not an option but in some instances, a life-saving decision.

Contrary to false assumptions, drug treatment centers are not scary places but safe havens where knowledgeable, qualified individuals help those in addiction to get their lives back on track. Finding a drug treatment center that provides a comprehensive treatment program is as easy as picking up the telephone and dialing (860) 207-8356 to call Drug Rehab Treatment Centers New London. New London residents can begin the process of recovery at our state of the art, medically equipped facility. All our board certified addiction clinicians strive to provide the highest quality care through assessment, program development and administration of evidence-based treatment protocols. Our services includes:

  • Accurate diagnosis of the patient’s physical and psychological health via careful examination.
  • A carefully designed personalized program that places the patient at the appropriate level of care.
  • Medical detoxification procedures with addiction clinicians that work to reduce pain and discomfort, administer medication if necessary and mitigate any life-threatening conditions.
  • The rehabilitation process integrates both holistic and traditional remedies to facilitate full recovery. In addition to FDA approved medications that curb cravings, cognitive behavioral therapy, individual, group and family counseling, equine therapy, yoga, acupuncture, biofeedback and art therapy are just a few of the treatment programs that may be utilized in the recovery process.

Treatment programs are also reevaluated to determine their effect on the patient and adjustments are made when necessary. Patients are guided every step of the way by a team of medical professionals whose primary concern is the patients safety, health and wellbeing.

Options for treatment include:

  1. Short or long term residential
  2. Intensive outpatient program
  3. Partial Hospitalization

Of all the treatment options, residential treatment has been proven to be the most effective in enabling long term sobriety. Residential treatment programs require that patients reside at the facility for a period of 30 to 90 days or longer. Duration of stay is determined by the patient’s overall health and if there are comorbid condition that must be treated prior to leaving rehab.

Dual diagnosis treatment that addresses both addiction and mental disorders simultaneously may necessitate extended periods of stay to adequately prepare patients to transition into everyday life without the immediate threat of a relapse. Studies show that the likelihood of sustaining sobriety increases dramatically for those patients who are able to receive long term residential care. The study attributed this success to the following reasons:

  1. Removal of distractions for an extended period of time allows the patient to focus completely on recovery and therefore able to achieve notable shifts in behavior patterns.
  2. Around the clock access to support help patients to focus on areas of weakness while in rehab.
  3. In a drug free environment where all temptation is removed for an extended period allow for chemical functions in the brain to be completely rebalanced.
  4. Patients are given the opportunity to rebuild self-esteem and the appropriate time to deal with underlying issues and or delayed reactions to halting drug use.

We also provide aftercare options for every patient to facilitate the transition process from rehab to home life. Some after care programs are optional such as our Sober Living Community program.

About New London, CT

New London is a seaport city on the northeast coast of the United States located almost exactly between Boston and New York by land. It was one of thirteen towns settled in the area in 1646 and officially named after London, England. For a time, New London was the world’s third busiest whaling port which brought a lot of wealth to the city which today is evidence in the elaborate architecture on many government buildings.

The town’s 27, 545 resident’s enjoys a primarily sunny climate and fairly mild winters. According to drug busts and reports by the New London police, high grade marijuana tend to be the primary drug of choice. New London is also famous for its old world charm, rich history, symphony orchestra and military ensembles.

Drug Rehab Treatment Centers New London provide quality drug and alcohol rehab treatment for those suffering with addiction. Call us today at (860) 207-8356. We can help.

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